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it's back, but not for long. [ woman ] our guests go crazy for lobsterfest. my favorite entree is the lobster lover's dream. what's yours? come celebrate lobsterfest and sea food differently. >>. >> megyn: another viewer asking whether the governor in kelly's court to give him a pardon. that may fix the problem. we'll continue to follow it. i'm megyn kelly. >> shep: i would like to have a pardon on reserve just in case.
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>> megyn: i pardon you. >> shep: it's a done deal. the womb that lying over and over again and forgot she stabbed her boyfriend 27 times. she is really tell the truth today she says this time. plus the millionaire space tourist, details of new plans to send a human to the red planet. want to go to mars? he needs your money to make it happen. plus, there was blood everywhere. a witness account of a deadly great white shark attack. it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on studio "b", but first from fox at 3:00, she now admits she lied to everybody. jodi arias the woman accused of
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killing her boyfriend, slitting his throat now on the stand she wants to believe servicing the absolute truth. she has changed her story about the night she killed travis alexander. she claimed she didn't have any idea what happened to him and then some unknown masked intruders came in and killed him but finally she admitted she killed him for apparently dropping her camera. today the lead prosecutor kept up the attack on the defendant's credibility and in one line of questioning got jodi arias to admit she has been lying on day one. >> you are saying that you are not lying here yewh. >> but you are telling us when you spoke with the detective that wasn't true? >> yes.
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>> whatever you told him? >> some things weren't true. >> most things weren't true? >> some things weren't true. >> did you lie to the detective? >> yes, sir. >> did you like lie to him on few occasions? >> more than two. >> i'm talking about two dates? >> yes. >> you also lied to 48 hours? >> yes. >> did you lie to people in utah? >> yes. >> did you lie to daniel? >> yes, everybody. >> so you lied to a lot of people but you are saying because you are sitting in this courtroom there has been lar lack of a better term.... >> shep: but the claim she had a reason for lying. she was too ashamed and frightened about what would happen to her. a lot of the trial was x-rated not appropriate for television. adam housley watched it all. has the prosecutor made any
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headway trying to catch her in these lies? >> he has. you mentioned some of the details, very uncomfortable details. you can see that advice' family was uncomfortable about hearing the interviews where she goes through her relationship with travis. on defense he said she was sexually deviant but the prosecution is showing in her own words, she was a willing participant. he is making headway. >> shep: the prosecutor is getting up to the events leading deipt when she killed travis. >> four days on cross-examination how she left california in the northern part of the state and head south. leading up to the point where she killed travis. that pointed they are talking a rental car where she got hundred miles away, not in her hometown further down in redding and why she could do such a thing.
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>> you were afraid that police, whether includes the california highway patrol or someone driving down the street that they would focus in your car because you had heard that police give tickets in a rental car? >> i was afraid. i didn't want to shell out my money for a ticket. >> what the prosecutor is showing, she went hundred miles south and got a rental car so no one in her hometown would see her but she con tewdz she wanted a different colored car. >> shep: legal appoint this. heather hanson is with us. this would be a difficult one to defend? >> without a doubt. as difficult as it is, i think jodi has handled herself well. today has been a shift toward the prosecution in that regards. >> shep: she has to get past the
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fact she did a lot of lying. it would be appear to the surprise of prosecutor to everybody she lied? >> that is exactly right. she lies to everybody except to the people in that room. she has no choice. she has been caught in every lie that she had. she has to admit to the lies and say it was out of fear and fall back on this meek persona with the glasses and brown hair she was afraid of travis and afraid of the martinez and she lied because of that but now she is here to tell the truth. >> shep: she didn't have the glasses at all. on she had blonde air all this time was happening. she is staring at a couple of jurors it's my understanding while she gives this testimony. >> i think that is the case. sometimes you feel as though you have a certain connection with jurors. as an attorney you do and witness you may. she needs to connect to at least
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one of these jurors so at the very least they don't put her to death. she is up for the death penalty. so if she can connect with one of these jurors and make them feel bad for her she will have reached the goal. >> shep: i wouldn't if they are angry with her. this is day 12? >> you are driving the point on too hard. jurors are smart despite what some past verdicts come down. they don't need to be banged over the head. this is like at reality show that has been repeat, nine, ten, 12 days straight. >> shep: next is experts and if you think -- this is not uninteresting. you may be grossed out. you can go look it up, if you want. the experts are not going to be nearly as involving. >> i would think the experts
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will be less salacious, but at the same time you, attack an expert much more personally you can attack a defendant. with the experts the prosecution can really go after this ex per. he is dr. samuels and cross-examine him to him on the points and contrast it with her meek persona. >> shep: okay, thank you. >> extreme weather alert. deadly storm that clogged roads and cut power from the rocky mountains to the great lakes is headed to the northeast. three inches of snow could hit chicago today as it moves up to new england. up to 7 inches yesterday. delays in the windy city. in michigan, tens of thousands of people after eight inches fell in some areas of the state.
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detroit public schools closed today as the snowplows worked to clear away those slushy roads but clear the way the slush on the roads. janice dean and new england going to hit again? >> yes, the countdown to spring again, march 20th but the good news they are going to get more snow nor the ski resorts. let's take a look at this. snowstorm bringing record snowfall even chicago got a daily snowfall record yesterday. hurricane-force winds, 84 mile-an-hour winds. this is still cranked up and seeing the snow flying across chicago. delays at chicago' o'hare, all the airports in the northeast you can see the snow fly and windy conditions. it's going to be with us for the next 12-24 hours. low pressure you can see the counter clockwise flow bringing
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snow flurries across the snow flurries and then you see the snow flying for the mountains and going to linger throughout the night and in to tomorrow. cold temperatures will sink southward and cold air is going to be our story over the next week or so dipping as far as south as florida. let's take a look where we're going seat heaviest snow totals. certainly across the great lakes and mountainous regions, vermont new hampshire and maine, the skiers are loving it. >> shep: in miami, 50s? >> it's going to be cold as far as south in miami. >> shep: they better bundle up. into fox news, look at this, the dow is up 173 points today. more signs that the housing market is recovering. discount retailers, dollar tree posted huge earnings and strong
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improvements in the debt crisis in europe. dow is up nearly 7% since the start of this year and is about 1% from the record close of 14,164. that was recorded in october of 2007. a great day for your 401-k. >> years before the 2010 gulf disaster, british newspapers reported tony hayward said his company was being too cautious. a court heard what he had to say after his company dumped millions of gallons of oil into the water. that is next. plus, more signs that the white house may be leaving the sidelines in theory and walking right onto the field. does that mean military intervention? that is coming up. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>>. >> shep: a star witness in the trial against bp, oil giant's former ceo tony hayward.
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satd same man that said he wanted his life back as millions of gallons gushed into the gulf of mexico. today the judge watched his taped testimony. it showed a lawyer grilling him before the disaster back in 2010. tony hayward the money saving moves didn't make a difference and was not to blame for the oil blowout. if found negligent in the civil trial, bp could be on the hook for billions of dollars. it pleaded guilty in the criminal case and paid $25 billion in cleanup costs. bp argues it shouldn't be alone in shoulderering the blame. casey stegall is live in new orleans. what else did on our man tony hayward have to say? >> it was brief. about 20 minute deposition that was played before the judge today. he had his glasses on his head. he looked exhausted and
12:17 pm
frustrated at times. the news media not allowed to broadcast any part of that deposition that was done in london back in june of 2011. the former bp head was questioned by the department of justice and counsel representing the other plaintiffs in this case. they were trying to basically show his casual attitude toward safety and he didn't have the victims' best interests in heart. part of that transcript was shared in court where hayward was asked if the blowout could have been averted if bp had implemented the safety management program in the gulf. his answer, there is possible potential. >> shep: from whom else do we expect to hear today? >> the morning started with lamar mckay the former chairman of bp america that was on the ground here the lead american on the ground. he argued that the deep water had a good safety record prior
12:18 pm
to this catastrophe. he also said that we've apologized. we've accepted responsibility, we agree we are part of the cause, and then another taped deposition from a man named kevin lacy a former senior president of bp and he said there was tremendous appreciate within the company to cut costs. more than 50 additional expert witnesses are expected to take the stand in the trial in phase one over the next several months potentially if there spo settlement here. >> shep: casey, thank you. >> the guy who became the world's first space tourist says he wants to send humans to mars in the next five years with no government help. a lost experts say he could actually pull it off. the big announcement and the details you'll need to know, that is coming up.
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>>. >> shep: 20 minutes past the hour, rich boys and their toys. multimillionaire is trying to raise billionaires so she can send people to mars. his name is dennis tito. the world's first space tourist. he paid the russians $20 million back in 2001 for a trip to the international space station. he seemed to have loved it. today he announced he is working on sending a man and a woman on a 501 days on a spaceship that would whip back mars and swing back to earth. if he can pull it off, it would be the first time that humans
12:23 pm
sailed past the earth's orbit since apollo mission back in 1972. molly henneberg has the news. how will he raise that money and who is going on the mission? >> he wouldn't give a precise cost estimate but try to raise the money from businesses, individuals and media organizations that would want access to the crew and pictures from this trip. the two crew members will be a man and a woman who are married. let's hope they like each other because they will be living in a space capsule, 600 feet of cubic space for a 17 ms. round trip to mars. they are not expected to step on mars but come within hundred miles of it and come back to earth. one of scientists working on this mission says everything that crew will need for 501 days will have to be in that space capsule if and when it launches including food, water and
12:24 pm
breathable air. >> drink the same water over and over again, breathe the same oxygen over and over again. that the crew drinking water will be recycled from urine and perspiration and filtration systems and drink the same water every other day. >> the crew would have to accept an increased cancer risk because of all the radiation they would be exposed to in space. >> shep: it sounds perfect. when does he plan to try this thing? >> january 5th, 2018, a very specific day dated. earth and mars will be close to to each other and here is what he had to say. >> let's go for the 2018 opportunity, the planets realign every 15 years and who wants to wait until 2031 because by that
12:25 pm
time we may have company. >> he says while he would have loved gone to mars, he was not going on this mission. >> shep: molly henneberg, thank you. >> corey powell the editor of discover magazine. so drink the same water over and over again, breathe the same air you may have a higher cancer risk? >> yes, there are a lot of people who would line up to do that. he already has volunteers, people in bio sphere 2 project. he has volunteers from there. so there is no shortage of people who would line up to do a mission. >> shep: 501 days? >> it would be going down on the surface. it makes it less exciting but technically a lot easier. >> shep: this would have to have be a small capsule? >> that is the other problem.
12:26 pm
even a small capsule, its long trip. you need a big rocket and we don't have the rocket to do that just yet. there a company called space x, one of the private space companies and they are working on rockets like that. but tito is betting the technology will be there by the time the deadline catches up with him. >> shep: you know what it sounds like -- hogwash. there some on rocket. you got to drink your own ier inand stuck in a capsule, husband and wife team, that guarantees almost near disaster right there. it sounds like something to filled three and a half minutes of cable news time. >> part of his theory this is something that can be a self-fulfilling prophesy, not all the rocket companies have publicity. they have a promise of funding. now, he can not only get money from, say, corporate donors but
12:27 pm
the national geographic society and red bull and all those things. he is gambling by force of will he can make it happen. he has chosen, its smart way to do it. there is a off the shelf technology and is not technically impossible, but does it require all the stars to line up the right way. >> shep: i'm thinking 501 days of maui and doesn't cause a billion dollars. let's shoot for that. >> part of the argument is an education venture. that on to me is most exciting part. >> shep: an education in maui. look at this now. look at the big board. dow is up 204 points today we've just gone over the 200 mark. we are on the way toward the
12:28 pm
highest -- if it closes, highest close, what was it? 14,100 and stand by. 14,164 is the all time high. you remember a couple days we were all worried about italy. they rejected austerity. they had an election and they said, no, you people need to cut spending are crazy in the middle of a crisis. that is what the italians said and we don't want your austerity. take it somewhere else. all the markets, went down. then we recovered and look at it today. next time they tell you everything is horrible, tell them it's not because it isn't.
12:29 pm
>> an award winning film director is dead after a vicious shark attack. and the 14-foot shark may, quote still be on the loose, unquote. what they meant by that is, the shark may still be in his house that people sometimes visit. we'll show you where it happened and surprising new study that a popular flu vaccine could be caused debilitating sleep disorder. maybe everything is offer but not the dow, the dow is fine and so is maui. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief.
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>>. >> shep: i'm shepard smith and this is studio "b" and it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the water was running red. that is quote from a witness who watched a man fight off a monster shark. only to have it come back and kill him. it happened today in new zealand news choppers spotted him and it's up to 14 feet long and probably a great white but can't be sure. witnesses say it went after a swimmer after a struggle and then came back with a vengeance as the tourist put it and landed the deadly attack. police immediately went after the shark firing shot after shot into the water. the victim's blood still -- or i should say the victim's body clenched in that shark's jaws.
12:34 pm
trace gallagher is in the west coast newsroom. how far off the shore was this victim? >> about 500 feet and investigators believe there may be three sharks that were out on the water feeding on birds and fish and this man actually swam right into the middle of it. when the police helicopter spotted the shark, he was still attacking the man. the fisherman that was nearby witnessed the entire thing. >> yelled out a shark. then we saw him like rolling around, blood everywhere in the water. it was like one shark but all of a sudden up to five or six after that. it was like three sharks all with him rolling around. >> reporter: when the police arrived on the scene they shot the shark about 12 times. shark still had the man in its jaws before letting go. the man has not identified adam
12:35 pm
strange as well known tv and film director in new zealand. in fact one of his films won the best film at berlin film festival. >> shep: there was a shark sighting before this happened? >> a a great white shark and he went up and reported to authorities because shark sightings are so rare in new zealand, nobody believed him. last confirmed attack was 1976. minutes before the attack there were hundreds of school kids who were swimming just a few feet away from where the attack happened. as you said it's not confirmed to be a great white shark but a local marine biologist, he has a pretty good guess. >> a white shark in this instance, in reality the only sharks around new zealand is big as a person would be a great
12:36 pm
white. >> reporter: there were 80 shark attacks worldwide and seven of them were fatal. ten years prior to that they had an average of about four fatal attacks per year. >> shep: trace, thanks. with us a man who knew the victim. ken jago is on the phone and he is in new zealand and i understand you had a service for the victim today? >> that's right. we just five minutes walked off the beach. we had a ceremony to lift what we call a papoo a ban activities on the beach in the water until it's been cleansed. adam's family and the local community and friends all gathered down there at dawn. we've had an hour, hour and a half of prayer and just to lift the papoo. >> shep: adam was there enjoying
12:37 pm
dated or what he was he doing? >> adam was training for a long distance swim, it was a fund-raiser swim for charity. there weren't that many people involved in it but out in the ocean, but he was surfing or swimming. amazing thing, there were dozen other people within 200-meter radius also swimming and surfing. he had a swum over to some of them and spoken to them and laughed. he carried on his training swim. as you correctly reported and swam right into the middle of a feeding frenzy. >> shep: you mentioned he loved the ocean. had he talked about sharks, did he have concerns about them? >> he never talked about them. we all live on this piece of coast.
12:38 pm
we've never had a shark problems here ever. we just dismiss them as things from movies and books are all about. this is sudden correction in our thinking. >> shep: how is family doing? >> amazingly strong. adam's mother flew late last night and his wife and young daughter and mother-in-law has been with us today and couple brothers and sisters. the ceremony that we've been through was all for them. they've been at the forefront in putting on a brave face in quite extraordinary circumstances. there is a lot of media interest down here, all the tv stations camped out on the beach and international media such as yourself and from britain sharing a lot of interest. we just have been shielding them
12:39 pm
from that so they can get along with their grieving. >> shep: all the goes them and all of you. thank you. well, a special honor for rosa parks. she got recognition in washington today. at the same time the legislation that guaranteed rosa parks the right to vote got a strong challenge as one website put it -- 1964 all over again. well, we'll report, you decide. that is coming right up. [ female announcer ] from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitss.
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and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. >>. >> shep: today a capitol hill they paid tribute to a civil rights icon and they made also a historic civil rights law. first to the cabinet where they unveiled a statue of rosa parks. she became a hero of the civil rights movement when he refused to give up her seat in
12:43 pm
segregated alabama. it marks the first time that a black woman has received that honor. rosa parks would have turned 100 years old this month. we do well by placing a statue of her here, but we can do no greater honor to her memory than to carry forward the power of her principle. >> shep: at the same time at the unveiling, justices were hearing argument surrounded the voting rights acted. part of that is states to ask the feds for permission before making changes to voting laws. you see the states highlighted here but one alabama county is challenging that part of the law arguing that it's no longer necessary. shannon is live at the supreme court. what is the counties' a argument
12:44 pm
to get a pass here? >> the voting rights acted was passed back in 1965 and the county koong has made. these specific counties and states that is covered by the obligations have come a long way and they shouldn't have to pay a price to be under different obligations than the rest of the state. they are calling this unconstitutional. here is the counties' attorney. >> you can't change your election law unless the attorney general says it's okay and if he doesn't say it is okay you have to come to washington as the developing judge in the court of appeals said hat in hand to beg the federal government for the exercise. >> reporter: supporters of the act there is discrimination across the jurisdictions and act is very much needed. >> shep: it sound like it got heated there today? >> they did. we are used the justices giving a lot of feedback but today was
12:45 pm
one of those rare cases where the justices actually addressed comments to each other, challenging each other on the bench. let me tell you about one of the statements that got the most attention. it sparked a lot of attention and almost a gasp from some in the courthouse today. justice scalia says when we adopt racial entitlements it's difficult to get out of them through the normal processes. then they say, are you saying the right to vote is basic entitlement? here is how he responded after the case. >> let be clear, the protection to right to vote is an american entitlement. it is a democratic entitlement. those who would seek to use incendiary from the bench of the supreme court should think twice about their place in history. >> reporter: it was a hot day inside and outside the courtroom. we expected a decision by june.
12:46 pm
>> shep: shannon, thank you. a finally farewell to a flock of more than one billion followers. pope benedict speaking in the public for is last time before leader of catholic church before he resigns. he will go into at the including. he said goodbye to a crowd of 150,000 who jammed into st. peter's square, many who waited for hours. he will be the first pope in nearly 600 years to step down from the position. today he asked the faithful to pray for whichever cardinal takes his place. >> in faith and health through god for the rest of our lives and.... >> shep: the next pope could be any of the cardinals including cardinal dolan who arrived in
12:47 pm
rome, but observers say he is quite a long shot. jonathan hunt is live at st. patrick's cathedral. what else did the pope have to say? >> it was unusually personal speech. he is a pope that is known more for his professor yal style. he appeared to be happy, enjoying a victory lap around the vatican saying goodbye to many of those who turned up. he talked about the joy he had felt being pope but at the same time he also appeared to be relieved to be stepping down. listen. >> deeply grateful for the understanding and support and prayers of the many of you here and around the world. decision i have made in god's
12:48 pm
will and deep love of god's church. i will -- >> reporter: the pope recalled back in 2005 when he became pope he told god you have placed a great burden on my shoulders. in less than 24 hours now, that burden will officially be lifted. >> shep: what happens now, john? >> reporter: tomorrow morning his next appointment will be to meet with the cardinals who are already in rome. as you mentioned cardinal timothy dolan is one of them. listen. >> on thursday we will there and literally saying goodbye. then i think it will sink in, oh oh, what are we here for and that will be saw some.
12:49 pm
>> reporter: after that meeting the pope will be flown by helicopter to the official residence. there he will make what will be his last public appearance as pope waving to the crowd expected to be there from the balcony. then, of course, it's over to the cardinals. the college of cardinals will meet on monday. that is when they will decide when the conclave begins, the conclave, of course, being the meeting during which they decide who will be the next pope. there are odds makers taking bets on this. they have an italian and one other as front runners. >> shep: doctors tell us, i should say, the white house today said it is going to give more aid to the syrian rebels in an effort to speed a political transition fighting a brutal civil war. white house says it is still
12:50 pm
providing only non-lethal or humanitarian aid but they appear to leave the door open in the assistance we're giving to the syrian opposition. >> we are focusing our efforts on helping the opposition be more stronger and more organized. as part of this effort wcontinuy feasible option. >> shep: they report that the white house is considering a plan to send the rebels body armor and armed vehicles and possibly provide military training. >> john kerry is in for a conference. he suggested that the united states is working to ensure that american aid does not fall into the wrong hands. >> doctors tell us it is just a myth about thaflu shots can make us sick. well, now there is word those shots could be linked to a rare disorder in children that
12:51 pm
they'll have for the rest of their lives, could be. the details are in important here and we'll have them for you next. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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>>. >> shep: researchers are linking the flu shot to sleep problems for some children, a have a rare disorder that will last particular kids the rest of their lives. study is out of great britain. it claims that a version of the swine flu vaccine might cause narcolepsy in children. it's the immune problem that causes the body to attack its own cells leaving people tired. doctors gave out 30 million doses of shot in 2010. thousand glaxo-smith-kline
12:55 pm
reports more than 800 cases linked to the shot in europe. it comes after health officials reported that this season's flu shot is effective only in 56% of the time. it largely fails to protect the elderly especially deadly strain but only 6% of effective. now, joining us is dr. mitchell brooks. i want to start off by saying, this has nothing to do with the flu shot that is out there now and everybody ought to get the flu shot, right? >> precisely so. the flu vaccine that was utilized in europe is has not been used in united states. that is important to emphasize. >> shep: since we now know we're not talking about anything going on in the united states or anywhere in europe, but this particular shot that happened way back then, narcolepsy in kids?
12:56 pm
>> it certainly rare. the numbers are very small. maybe one in 57,000 people. so tiny numbers. we're really not sure. you can't say the pandemic causes the narcolepsy but the panderix may be linked to the narcolepsy and genetic predisposition in these children to narcolepsy and they had to particular strain of flu virus. so we're talking about very, very specific parameters. >> shep: back to the flur that is going on in the united states. into the fun one. i don't know anybody who has taken a flu shot that has gotten the flu. that said, it not working well on the elderly and wonder why
12:57 pm
that is? >> i'm not elderly but i got the flu shot and it didn't help me. the reason is because not everybody has the same response to the flu. the issue is, do you take this and take a chance that you may or may not get the flu or take it even the higher chance you'll get the flu. in this particular strain, we're talking about one in five to one in 20 people getting the flu. if you've got conditions like heart disease or lung disease, into the smart idea. like my grandmother said, it's a good thing to do. >> shep: nice to see you. dr. mitchell brooks, family practitioner and radio talk show host. >> pair of thieves break into a jewelry store and 81-year-old store owner is going to have nothing of it. hang on now.
12:58 pm
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TOPIC FREQUENCY New Zealand 5, Tony Hayward 4, Europe 4, Angie 3, Chicago 3, Slimful 2, Dr. Mitchell Brooks 2, Molly Henneberg 2, California 2, Campbell 2, Alabama 2, Britain 2, Mars 2, Washington 2, Miami 2, Rome 2, Maui 2, Ken Jago 1, Scalia 1, Lamar Mckay 1
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